Self Sabotage part 1 of 4

Ok. Ok. So there are thousands of blogs out there. So why should u read this one? You could spend your time better by making pips in the market rather than read something I just wrote while looking at charts with no trades in sight. I know.. but….

Well, for starter’s this one is FREE! And it is written by someone who is going through the same LPT course as you ( and struggling as well ) . For me, I have studied a lot on psychology ( I even took a degree but decided not to finish it…. but that’s another story ) . I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours in lectures, seminars, programs, audio and books on this topic and hopefully what I am going to share with u can help you understand forces that has nothing to do with your trading system but can doom your trading career. Not knowing the existence of these forces will be like trying to swim upstream. I find this topic quite hard to understand when I first started and hope my simplified version can help u build a strong base on your journey to be a successful trader. ( Also I wrote this because Dave said we should all try to write a book )

Please note that there will be spelling errors, names misspelled and certain details not accurate as I am not referring to any materials and writing out of memory. So just try to get the moral of the story and don’t write to me to tell me which details were wrong LOL. It’s just like we are chatting in Starbucks and sharing stories over a nice cup of coffee.  Also, please do not distribute this to any non members as I have just copied and paste pictures as illustrations and I don’t know whether there is any copyright.

Ok. Ok. Lets go. It’s free and there is very little advertisements so turn the page to read my experience of a super enemy of Trading called ‘ Self Sabotage.’


Michael T


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