Self Sabotage part 4 of 4

So What has it got to do with your trading? Your subconscious will do whatever it can to make you take bad trades, follow your emotions, not follow your plan and anything else so that you wont make the million dollar that you targeted. It will SABOTAGE you in everyway it can in it’s program to protect you ( Just like the movie I-ROBOT where the supercomputer takes over and also willing to kill in order to fulfil it’s main program which is to ensure the existence of the human race )

BTW, the subconscious is also not dumb. It knows in demo account even if you make 10 million, it will not add one cent into your bank account. It will rear it’s ugly head if you are getting successful in live trading where your winnings will go into your bank account.

I left this last as there is a bigger lesson in the belief in money. It’s like a great OAK tree or Banyan Tree. It can only grow strong and tall if it’s roots are healthy and strong. If the roots are bad, the tree will die regardless of how good the environment is.

Your subconscious believes are like the roots. It is underground and unseen but it is the most  important factor in what the tree above ground ends up as. To have a healthy and strong tree, you must make sure you have the right believes so that you can be supported and nourished in your growth to higher levels.

There are many methods to reprogram your mind and subconscious beliefs and change the files and rules to be supportive of you instead of against you.

I have 3  reasons why I wrote this sharing of my struggles.

1)      Hopefully it will start a trend where other members can also share their experience and we can build a mini library in LC for all members especially the newbies. I know a lot of members here have a lot of experience and a wealth of information to share.

2)      Dave said to write a book in his book

3)      Many traders are already working very hard to be consistently profitable  and it is a very difficult road as only 5-10% will make it. Hopefully my sharing of my current struggle and sharing my knowledge ( if you can call it that ) about the power of the subconscious mind and dangers of self sabotage, they will have a much easier and better chance of reaching there.

The topic of Trader’s psychology, subconscious reprogramming etc is extremely wide and fortunately need not be discussed here. Dave has written an excellent resource guide on who to follow and where to go and it also comes with free support from him. Dave has travelled that journey and very willing to help and guide you on any questions you may have regarding what he wrote. Personally I have read and been to the teachings of many of the resources he mentioned and I can tell you, those are great leaders to follow and will save you so much time and pain in looking for the right mentors and teachings.  Of course just buying the books and courses will not guarantee results and there are secrets within the secrets as Dave will tell you that can help you make it work better in practice.

Most experts would tell u it takes 21 -30 days to change a habit. So it takes persistence. This is proven with a group in an experiment. They wore concave goggles which makes everything upside down. You can imagine the difficulty in trying to shake hands or aiming the spoon into your mouth. They wore it 24/7. Around the 25th day, something strange happened. They had no problems with a world that was upside down and could function normally. It seems after 25 days, the brain has rewired itself to suit this new experience. They conducted it again but this time on the 20th day, they took off the goggles for one day. It took them another 25 days before their brain rewired.

There’s one secret within the secret. You have to do it for 25-30 days everyday. Dont miss a day.

Now close your eyes.  Opps! Sorry, this is not an audio program.  Keep your eyes open and read the below and imagine as real as possible.

It is a hot day. You are sweating. You go to the fridge and get some fresh lemons. You feel the cool as you close the fridge. You take a knife and just before you cut it, you take a sniff and the lemon smells fresh and very sour but it’s cold and feel nice to the touch. As you cut the lemon, the juice gets onto your hands and it drips down filling the area around you with the smell. You decided to be brave and put the cut lemon straight against your lips and squeeze all that cold and sour juice straight into your mouth. You now have a mouthful of raw pure sour lemon.

Ok. If u did it right, your mouth will pucker, your saliva will be running and you will feel your stomach crunching a bit. Realise that you have started the process of digestion without a lemon near you. It was all in your mind. That’s the power of it.

They hooked up atheletes to machines and asked them to run the race in their minds. From the sensors attached to them, it was found that the same muscles reacted as though they were really running the race.  Your mind cannot really distinguish between whats real and whats imagined and this is the foundation of visualization practice. Also the fact that they have discovered that all thoughts actually have a frequency which can be measured.

Final thoughts I will leave with you. In most books about success, you will find that the most important thing is self discipline. I leave you with words from Brian Tracy on what self discipline is

‘ Self discipline is Doing what you should Do, At the time you should do it, Whether u feel like doing it or not’

This quote helps me in pulling the trigger when I need to.

Movies U must watch

1)      The Secret

2)      Peaceful Warrior

3)      Kung Fu Panda 2 ( Inner Peace )

Wow. You are actually still here. Which means you read my stuff.  Thanks .I hope u enjoyed my thoughts as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Michael T


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