Self Sabotage – Fighting back! (1 of 4)

Self Sabotage – Fighting Back ! Oh. The joys of the mysterious ways of life. Self sabotage was probably a concept many ridiculed long ago ( probably some still do ). I used to think all these visualization, positive thinking, the secrets, self hypnosis etc was hocus pocus until out of desperation I started doing it and to my surprised has become a Believer. I also believe in aliens but lets focus on trading topics yeah? For those who do not believe in the various laws of the universe and subconscious, self sabotage etc, you may find what I share to be weird and strange. But this is my story and my beliefs and things I did to fight back the problem I had – self sabotage. Last few LPT classes I realise I am not alone and many share the same issues as me. I had cold feet when I went live trading and there were many days I just cant trade due to fear of losing. As I mentioned to Jarratt, I feel like a front line Roman soilder , excited but scared at the same time. At some point I just told myself to either move on ahead or give up the idea of becoming a successful trader as it is a waste of time just staring at charts with no trades in my live account. I made a commitment to take at least one trade a day and my focus was on moving forward . But not realising that I gave self sabotage a free hand as I was only concentrating on making my daily trades quota until one fine day in the trading room Jarratt asked me a simple question on a recent trade I made which I answered ‘ self sabotage’. Well, I have shared my story of how self sabotage affected my trading and here once again live as I struggle to fight back. Desperate times requires desperate measures. So I threw a whole bunch of tools in to help me solve this problem so that my subconscious will support me instead of sabotaging me. I will share some of those tools that were successful and skip those that did not work ( or maybe needed more time to work ). Anyway, as usual, some theories needs to be explained to understand what I did. Theory Time Dont think of an elephant. Now read this again. Dont think of an elephant. What happened? You saw the picture of an elephant in your head right? This is because the subconscious or inner mind has no language. It does not understand English, French, Chinese or any written or oral language. It can communicate only in visual form ( pictures, movies ). That’s it. Short theory lesson LOL The Battle Begins Being of a super stubborn nature is both a blessing and a curse. I am very persistent but when I am wrong , it takes a lot to convince me that I am ( On that note, I rate Jarratt as the No. 1 most patient mentor in the industry ). After a few ‘board meetings’ ( I will share this concept next time ), I have decided that the best method I can use is compromise as my subconscious beliefs are too strong to change completely. What I do is what most annoying people already know. They go ‘yes you are right but…… ‘. The ‘but’ has been one of the most interesting word in the English dictionary. What I did was basically change the story of events just like ‘ romantic music’ puts you in the mood and ‘danger music like ‘jaws’ ‘Rocky’ ‘ gets you all excited , so that I now look at trading events in a different way . Ok too much blabbing. In the next post we will go to some examples.


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