My Fund Trading Adventure by Ben Bakhsh – Part 3 w/c 31/10/2011

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Firstly – I’d be intrigued to see if anybody tried my walk away approach, or set and forget as some call it. Myself, I managed it and unsurprisingly I found it easier trading with this attitude and managed to take that step back. It really did help with the emotional aspects of trading.

This got me on to thinking about the ‘Holy Grail’ of systems… of course there is no such thing… or is there?…

Maybe the biggest misconception about the ‘Holy Grail’ isn’t how to find it, but actually what it is…

My thoughts – the holy grail of trading isn’t a system, its within ourselves… maybe being able to trade like a total robot with total consistency no matter what happens, while keeping everything low risk… maybe that’s the holy grail…

So in effect we all know what it is deep down… the question is, can we access it? Well that’s down to each of us individually, but one thing I know is THIS is the Holy Grail I seek, not some mythological ‘system’ that will and can never exist.

Trade wise nothing to report this week apart from a small loss (15 pips) on an AUD sell! Thanks to my internet going down I missed trading the last few days. It doesn’t appear I’ve missed anything though.
















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