My Fund Trading Adventure by Ben Bakhsh – w/c 16/01/2012- Blog 12

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Well it’s been another huge week, hence the delayed blog.

I decided that as an addition to my manual account, to hire some developers and have an automated robot built around my strategy, so it’s been developing and graphics design all week while continuing my manual trading…

In addition to this I’ve had talks with potential investors so hopefully I’ll be managing my first account from June if I continue to be consistent.

Ill concentrate on my manual trading throughout my blogs though as opposed to robot developments as I’m a firm believer in manual trading as being the best, and most fun way to trade…

On to this week:

There have been 14 trades, 10 of which were winners, and as I write this my 15th trade is 17 pips up and approaching the 30 pip T/P. I’m thrilled… thinking in probabilities while maintaining consistency is paying off, in fact I’m 3.41% up for the month… (I’m happy with 2% a month).

There have been 2 trades this year so far which were not part of my consistency plan, both of which cost me 30 pips, but overall I’m starting to get it. I have found that reading just 2 pages of Trading in the Zone a day seems to be keeping consistency in the back of my mind and the profit I’m starting to see is spurring me on even more.

Well… my AUD sell I just mentioned has finally broken the Daily Low support and its plummeting… happy days….  VERY happy days… I’m now 25 pips up. I hope that as time goes on I will be living, real time proof of how consistency and thinking in probabilities = success.

The only problem I found this week was “switching off” when it comes to trading as in once I get to the evening forgetting about trading… it’s a bug isn’t it… but again, without that switching off it can get difficult to maintain consistency – something I would encourage any trader to be mindful of.

That’s it for now… but I’ll be back at the end of the week to wrap up. 


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